Everyone wants to engage wrinkle-free in any transition process; may it be in transporting equipment, finalizing a project, shifting at work, or delivering any good. With a well-written and comprehensive handover report, it is possible. A handover report will make your compilation and inventory systematic so you won’t end up problematic. To guide and help you out, template.net has prepared ready-made handover report templates in Apple Pages just for you. Get it for free in A4 & US Letter Sizes and all versions of Apple Pages. Edit it and start incorporating your data now then you are good to go!

What is a handover report?

A handover report is a document that contains a summary or log of activities. It serves as a formal record of handover procedures. Who uses a handover report? Employees who leave their positions or change their work shifts, delivery businesses, lawyers who issue ownership of their clients' heirs and any transition transactions.

A handover report serves as a documented communication between two people in transition or agreement. It contains the information that both parties should know from end to end. It helps keep the relationship of businesses intact to one another; it dissolves the liability of an outgoing employee to the company and prevents any interruption in operations.

How to Create A Handover Report in Pages?

An organized and faster transition process involves a handover report. Do not waste any more time delaying your leave, delivery or any transition and start making a handover report with these easy to follow steps listed below:

1. Start with the Fundamentals.

Start by compiling everything that you have and everything that you do with it. To make it simpler, make a checklist of all minute details. Make sure not to overlook information such as the name of the recipient, address, dates, list of materials, descriptions, statuses, budgets or costs, relevant attachments, particulars, and tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and pending). Realizing now that you have a lot in your hands? Don’t be pressured because the next step will make you keep going.

2. Prioritize.

Sort out all the information you have accumulated from the most important to the least important. It will enable the recipient to attend the priorities first. If you are a resigning employee or just taking a vacation leave, you would also want the person replacing you become persistent and productive. If you are a lawyer doing a takeover document for your client's assets, you would likely place the papers your clients will sign first. Make an itinerary of it. Put labels. You can arrange it by dates, put it in columns or specify it by quantity.

3. Add References.

You want to exit with everything finished beforehand or make a one-stop delivery, so make a complete handover report. Attach previous reports, memos, and all related documents to support the details of your report. For new employees, this will serve as their guide in doing their tasks more accurately. For delivery businesses, attachments are the record of their previous transactions. References make your handover reports more complete.

4. Finalize.

“Count your change before leaving.” We can see the store counters display this sign. It is the same when making handover reports. Check if you haven't missed anything before you hand it over. Make a double check of the things you have and the things you have on your list. This the final stretch in making your handover report and then you are all set. Find and download ready-made and editable nurse handover report template, project or final project handover report template, and more ready-made handover report templates in Apple Pages at template.net.

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