As much as we want to prevent incidents from occurring, there will always be times wherein they're just beyond our control. When incidents happen, they will need to be reported to the appropriate people using the appropriate document. Luckily, we have ready-made templates to help you save time in creating well-written incident reports. These report templates can be downloaded anytime and anywhere and they're 100% customizable, writing an effective and informative incident report has never been this easy. Whether it's for medical, work, or security purposes, these templates in Google Docs are the only resources you need for reporting an incident.

How to Create Incident Reports in Google Docs

Did an accident just occur and you need to get it reported as soon as possible? Since writing an incident report is important, we'll tell you how to write one in Google Docs with our list of instructions below. These guidelines would be perfect whether you prefer to have your reports printed or shared via email.

1. Know the Standard Operating Protocols of the Organization

Every organization has its way of dealing with incidents and filing reports, which is why the first thing that you need to do is to know how it works for your workplace. While some organizations provide already printed forms for reporting incidents, others simply provide a generic format and some guidelines on how to write incident reports. Nevertheless, knowing the SOPs and the proper format should be the first step in creating this kind of report.

2. Gather and Provide the Basic Details

The next step in the process is to start gathering the necessary facts of the incident such as the date and time when the accident occurred, the place where it happened, the employees involved, etc. Aside from simply stating these details in a fact sheet, you should also provide your details as the reporting person. By being objective and sticking to facts, explain thoroughly how you ended up being in the location of the incident.

3. Identify the Sequence of the Events

After you've gathered all the facts for building up the content of the business report, you will need to conduct an investigation to determine the sequence of events that led to the incident. Typically, the sequence of the report will start by identifying the events that contributed to the incident, then followed by the exact events that took place during the incident, and finally ending with the events that occurred immediately after the incident.

4. Analyze the Gathered Data

Based on the data that you've gathered and organized sequentially, you can write a thorough analysis report of what caused the incident. This involves identifying the root cause of the incident along with a detailed list or narrative statement of the secondary causes. And only if necessary, you can also indicate the other factors that contributed to the incident.

5. Make a Draft of the Incident Report

To ensure that your incident report is well-written, it is best that you start by creating a sample or draft of it through pen and paper or by encoding it directly. If you're using a professional datasheet, use it as your reference when writing a draft of your content. By doing this, you are minimizing the risks of committing errors while also ensuring that none of the very important details get left out.

6. Start Writing Your Incident Report in Google Docs

And after you've structured your draft and had it reviewed by another staff member, you can proceed to write the actual version of your incident or accident report in Google Docs. As a cloud-based word processing application, Google Docs is perfect for easy sharing of files online while also retaining the feature of saving your work in DOC, PDF, ODT, or even in EPUB. After writing the report, do another review of the content and check again for errors.

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