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How to Make An Incident Report In Microsoft Word

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere in the workplace. According to Data... 2.3 million women and men around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year. The Construction Industry recorded as with the highest rate of accidents. These Data are gathered from Incident Reports from workplaces around the world. An Incident Report is a form that is filled out to record accidents happening in the workplace. Incident Reports are used as a basis for the investigation of such events. A Detailed Incident Report Provides Investigators a clear picture of what happened on-site. We'll give you tips on how to write a Detailed Incident Report in Microsoft Word using our Ready-Made Incident Report Templates.

1. Write Your Incident Reports using Microsoft Word

Write your Incident Reports in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a widely-used editing app that allows editing documents such as Incident Reports Quickly and Conveniently. It Features User-Friendly Editing and Formatting Tools that allows the user to write and modify documents with ease. Our Ready-Made Templates are Ready To Use in this File Format and Ready For Print at home, office, school, or at print shops.

2. Personal Information

An Incident Report must record the personal information of persons involved. It should have space to write its Name, Age, Gender, Job Position of the Employee, and Address on it. Personal Information must be taken from the patient along with its blood type and medical history in case of accidents. Personal Information of the Culprit must be provided in case of incidents caused by misconduct.

3. Date, Time and Place Of The Incident

Space should be provided for recording the date and time of the Incident. It is also important that the place where the incident happened to be stated. It is for investigators to determine the incident's likely cause or the culprit behind it. If Applicable, the weather or climate should be indicated as well.

4. Inventory of Injuries and Damage To Property

Injuries should be documented. It should indicate the seriousness of the said injury from mild to critical. The places of injury
should also be included in the statement. Damage to Property and the degree of damage made must be recorded also.

5. Measures Taken

The measures taken to mitigate injuries and damage to property must be indicated as well. Is First-Aid given to the patient or is the patient taken to the hospital? In Case of damage to property, measures taken should depend on the degree of damage done to the property. Safety measures provided in the vicinity such as warning signs and tapes should be listed as well.

6. Witness Statement

Witness statement, if applicable, must be recorded. It makes investigation easier by having first-hand accounts of the incident. It allows investigators to solve the case quickly. First-hand accounts provide a clearer picture of what happened making it easy to pinpoint the likely cause of the incident or who's responsible for it.

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