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How to Create a Non-conformance Report in Apple Pages

A non-conformance report (NCR) or frequently called "non-conformity" means that something's gone wrong.

The non-conference could be about a failure of services, the supplier's product, or the management administration itself. You can only register this type of report if something does not fulfill the parameters or requirements. If you want to create a non-conformance report but unfortunately you don't know how then luckily you're in luck. That's because we have created a basic guideline below that you can readily understand. You can also refer to our templates above if you want to have a basis as you make one.

1. Identify What's Wrong

You can't file a non-conformance report if you don't identify what is wrong in the first place. To give you an idea, we will site a few examples when to write one. For instance, if ever you are in the food industry and you are assigned to deliver an item to a client but you sent to the incorrect address, then you need to write a report about it. Or perhaps you have supplied merchandise to a customer, but that was not the color they ordered. Instances like that need to have an immediate non-conformance report to take control of their actions. Easy, right? Identify and state what's wrong so that you create a corrective action later on.

2. Practice Using Apple Pages

You can easily access Apple Pages if you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any related IOS products. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, then using Apple Pages will never be a hassle for you. Why? Because they have similar tools and features that you can use as you create any work report. Apart from that, you don't have to install software for it was built-in in your device already. All you need to do is to open it and practice using it as soon as you generate any sort of business report.

3. State the Content

Here in our site, we have a wide range of sample report templates that you can download for free. Downloading one will surely be a great help as soon as you state the content for your incident report. All of our templates are available in all versions of Apple Pages so you won't be experiencing any hard time as soon as you edit the template. Download one now and replace our suggestive headings and flowchart with your own preferred content.

4. Re-examine your Output

Always put it in mind that what you are making is a serious and a legal document. For your safety, you have to ensure that all of the details that you have stated in your report are based on factual information before you present it. Re-examine if you have stated the correct details, double-check the format, and proofread if you have any spelling errors or incorrect grammars. Soon after you can create an assurance plan to guarantee that your customer is satisfied with the products or services provided by your business.

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