How to Create a Safety Report in Microsoft Word

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Commonly Used Statistics, worker deaths in America are down on average, from 38 around worker deaths a day in 1970 to 14 a day in 2017. Out of 4,674 worker deaths in private industry in the year 2017, 971 or 20.7% were in the construction industry— that is, one in five worker deaths last year were in construction. The leading causes of private sector worker fatalities (excluding road accidents) in the construction industry were falls, followed by hit by an object, electrocution, and caught-in/between objects. These "Fatal Four" were liable for more than half (59.9%) the construction worker deaths in 2017, Bureau of Labo Statistics reports. Reducing the Fatal Four would protect 582 workers' lives in America annually. These reports mean that we, as a civilization, have improved in the area of safety.

However, it is not over yet. Safety reports are still a vital factor in developing the current corporate world. A company needs to have such a statement once in a while and not just financial statements. Not for its governmental functions on fulfilling the requirements but because you wanted to make your workplace a better place. Down below are steps if you're going to make a safety report in Microsoft Word.

1. Introduce the Purpose

Your first step in writing up your safety report is to include or introduce the purpose of your document. People need an idea of why they need to read what they are reading. People won't understand the marketing proposal that they are studying if it doesn't have the main idea or a purpose.

2. Include Diagram and Labels

After having your goal or main idea, you can start including some diagrams and labels to your report. Although your document without these things still passes as a report, but with these items, you can bring relevance to your write-up. So, make sure you have the proper graphics templates collection.

3. Add Relatable Statistics

After you have the diagrams and labels, you can add statistics within them or the pages. Your statistics with great use of presentation materials could bring excellence to your work. Make sure you use your available elements for you to appear relevant and credible.

4. Write the Steps

Writing your steps is an essential part of the report. People won't know what you did just from the stats. Even though, your report already listed out every result there is, the steps you take in achieving them makes the whole document right. Sample checklist templates are readily available on the internet if you need one.

5. Be Concise and Clear

Lastly, you should bear in mind that the readers of these things are mixed. People from different backgrounds, activities, and preferences. Make sure to clear your writing style and concise your content, especially if you are planning to include these findings in your training manual for safety.

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