Forget academic quiz bowls, one-day deadlines, and final exams. There’s probably nothing more nerve-wracking than a school’s judgment day of getting your report card. It contains the account of your progress by highlighting your areas of strength and weaknesses. It allows you to identify where you need to improve and what subjects you can do even better. If you’re an educator, it’s important to acknowledge what impact a school report card holds in helping a student develop and in realizing their potential. It also helps you express your observations by pinpointing the data on the report card and expressing your views. You’ll be able to communicate your expectations to the learner and the parents clearly.

Browse through our collection of school report templates in Numbers. These templates include different report card varieties, such as a home report card and summer report card. You also have options for different school levels from preschool, middle school, to high school. Each template features sections where you can easily place your details. They’re fully customizable and editable, so you’ll have no trouble regarding their accessibility on any device.

There’s no need to have a graphic design experience when you avail of our report card templates. You can easily print the document for distribution or keep it as a softcopy for online viewing. If the design element doesn’t suit your preference, feel free to change them. All modifications are conveniently possible, so there’s no need to worry. Get yours here now!

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