How To Create A Simple Report In Apple Pages?

Report writing is a crucial skill that you need in business and education. There are different reasons why you write a report, to present a piece of information, research findings, and propose a problem and its occurring solutions. Whatever the reason may be, a report must be sturdy and rigorous and present an adequate amount of information that will satisfy the information need of your audience. To do so, we researched and collected some data that you can use in writing your simple report.

1. Plan Before Writing

In every deed you will make, you need to make a series of plans for it to be successful. As a booster to start writing your simple report, you need to have enough knowledge as to what type of simple report you need to make. Either you will make a simple task schedule report, simple industry visit report, marketing report, and such. Also, make sure that together with what type of simple report you are writing, you need to make sure that you will consider the audience of your report. Then, research for the vital data you need to start writing your report.

2. Decide Report Formats

Reports do not have uniform formats in the first place. It solely depends on what type of report you are making. But in general, there are two types of report formats that are widely used—research report format and business report format. Make it more readable and inviting. But remember, if your school or company requires you a certain format, stick to it.

3. Know The Appropriate Language

For the content of your report, you need to make sure that you have credible and enough learnings about the appropriate language you need to use. Keep your sentences short and simple. Include one main idea in a sentence and back it up with supporting details. To arrange your report ideas, make an organizational chart and make use of linking words. Also, make use of layman's terms as possible. We need to keep the simplicity and rawness of the data for the benefit of your audience.

4. Write Executive Summary For Your Footer

To do your audience a favor, you can indicate an executive summary of your sample report at its footer. Make the flow of your report smooth. You can include a table of contents and a list of non-technical terms with its corresponding meaning to help your audience understand your report more.

5. Download Simple Report Templates

To save you from hassle, you can download simple report templates here at We offer a wide variety of free simple report templates for your everyday needs. Our templates are easily accessible, especially in Apple Pages. One example of our simple report template is a simple weekly report template. It offers free standard Google fonts that are 100% customizable base on your needs. It is also available in A4 & US sizes so we guarantee you that you can produce a formal and legitimate simple report.

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