How to Make a Weekly Report in Adobe Illustrator?

Progress reports or status reports benefit, not just the company, but the employees also. Through the reports, the employees can track their improvements and slack offs. They can see which field they can enhance to bring betterment to themselves, as well as the company and the business.

There are types of reports in accordance with the schedule; these are the daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and yearly reports. The schedule depends on when and how often you write your reports. It is more advisable to write weekly reports as the timeline is shorter than monthly and yearly, and less troublesome than daily. You can easily make a summary of your daily progress within the week better than monthly, and you can be specific without taking time from your daily work. Those are the significant reasons why it is more beneficial to use weekly work reports. To help you, here are the helpful steps in making a weekly report.

1. Decide the Purpose of Writing the Report

Just like any other report, you need to determine the reason why you are writing a weekly report. You can write a weekly report as a timesheet, quality report, employee sheet, company expenses report, company maintenance, and many more. Decide which one fits your intention for the weekly report since the format also depends on it. Every type of report differs in format and information, so you need to be particular with what you need to make.

2. Construct a Convenient Format

The format determines the type of report that you are making. To begin, open a new file in your trusted Adobe Illustrator. Keep the format simple, and professional since reports do not need any complicated patterns nor designs. You can look for some samples online to find the appropriate format for the chosen kind of report. You can also refer to and find ready-made report templates that you can easily fill in. You may also insert the company letterhead for a more professional layout.

3. Insert the Necessary Information

Afterward, outline the information that you need to include. The information also depends on the type of report. The essentials that you need to add in any form of report is the employee's name and his/her ID card number. You can also use weekly reports at school, for either the students, teachers, or the school performance as a whole. If the report sheet is for the weekly financial report, you must include the week's expenses of the company and its gains. This format will serve as your template for future use, so make these as organized and understandable as possible.

4. Write the Report

After creating the template of your report, you can, finally, fill in with the content of the week. Summarize the important details that happened throughout the week, and write it on your weekly report. You can type the report first on your PC before printing out, or you can print it out first and keep the records handwritten. The choice depends on your very own preference. You also have the option to keep everything in softcopy or to have a hardcopy in-store in case of any unwanted emergency.

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