How to Develop a Professional Representative Job Description in Google Docs

Having a job description upon your representative hiring process can make the entire process easy, fast, and practical for both parties, the employer and the candidates. The availability of such a job outlining tool makes a clear understanding of the relevant details that the candidates should especially know. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, your job description will be your first useful communication tool in conveying your necessities for the role even without the need to face the applicants personally. Thus, the need to develop a clear and professional representative job description is a must. Read further to take our list of fundamentals below.

1. Specify the Representative Role

Primarily, you should specify the exact representative role that you are looking for in your company. It heavily depends on the industry your business is in. From medical to sales, there are a lot of representative roles that require different sets of experiences and expertise; thus, the variety of representative candidates.

2. Provide a Company Overview

Providing a company overview in your representative job description is also a significant factor. It introduces your unique company, painting a picture to your readers, and helps in establishing its credibility. Briefly describe your company. You can also share your outstanding bids and awards, your work environment, and culture!

3. Detail the Role Objective

Essentially, your representative job description should explicitly detail the role objective of your required representative, or elaborate its essentiality. Alongside with it, you cite its job obligations and responsibilities clearly and specifically. Also, indicate as well to whom he or she might be close be working to from the different teams of employees or offices.

4. List the Relevant Requirements

More so, your representative job description should list as well the relevant requirements you demand from the candidate. This can range from application documents such as resume, cover letter, or other more to competencies such as relevant work experiences, skills, or educational attainment.

4. Stipulate Contact Points

Lastly, complete your representative job description by stipulating your contact points. This is to deliver promptly on how your candidate may apply online if it's applicable. Also, these lines are also important to cater the prompt answers to possible personal queries of your applicants. Your contact points can be your contact number, websites, social media pages, and/or email addresses.

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