What Is a Research White Paper?

A research white paper is a document that contains written material regarding research and study. As explained by Investopedia (a business and finance resource), white papers are commercial or marketing documents issued to the public, providing readers with solutions to a particular issue or topic.

How to Write a Research White Paper

Putting together a well-written research white paper is more of a creative process, even when filled with technical information. Not sure how to pull this off? No worries--just check out our tips found right below!

1. An Enticing Topic for Your Research White Paper

When putting together your research white paper, it’s important that your dialogue revolves around a particular main topic--like productivity software or research techniques. That way, you have an easier time writing down some enticing and engaging content that keeps your reader’s interest.

Carry this out by considering the audience you’re targeting. Also, think about some common issues that your audience faces when they do their research.

2. Maintain a Professional Tone in Your Research White Paper

Despite needing a creative approach in its creation, the writing style itself requires a formal business-like voice throughout the document. This tone is crucial in a white paper, as it establishes to your reader that you’re confident in the proposed research solutions.

3. Go into Detail about What You Can Offer

Remember that your research white paper isn’t simply a flyer or banner. Rather, it’s a way for you to establish an expert image for your brand, helping you gain some much-needed trust from your audience.

So, because of that, go in-depth with what you have to say. Describe how much of a benefit your research solutions are to your consumers and say what you need to make your case. White papers consist of several pages, so don’t be shy about explaining as much as possible.

4. Ensure That Your Research White Paper’s Contents Are in Order

Before finishing up your research white paper, it’s imperative that you go over each page and make any required corrections. Besides type-o's, keep an eye out for any sections that need rewording or revising.

And with that, you’re now ready to draft a research white paper all on your own! If you ever need to do a review, then feel free to come back anytime and go through our tips again. Also, if you want a little extra help with your writing, then download one of our original Research White Paper Templates!

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