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How To Create A Restaurant Brochure In Photoshop

In 2018, there are a total of 660,755 restaurants in the U.S. This figure gives you an idea of how many restaurants you are competing with. For your restaurant to become a hit, you need to level up your marketing strategy. Aside from your website, putting up banners, and handing out flyers, you can use brochures for marketing your restaurant.

A brochure is a piece of paper, which is used to describe your dishes and your offers. It also reflects your restaurant's theme and quality. By handing out brochures, you are enticing more customers to select your restaurant the next time they eat out. We have provided you a guide below on how you can create a great brochure for your restaurant using Adobe Photoshop.

1. Keep it Short

Brochures with long menus will only bore and confuse your customers. Remember, you aren't creating a restaurant menu here, so keep it short. Don't provide your entire menu; only feature your best and most popular dishes. This way, customers can easily decide which dishes to order. To add a text in Photoshop, go to tools panel and select Horizontal Type Tool, then click the space where you want to insert the text.

2. Write with your Customers In Mind

Write your brochure with your customer demographics in mind. For instance, if it's family restaurants, the menu should be written in a way that even kids can understand. So, instead of using the word "scrumptious" to describe your dish, change it to "yummy" instead. This way, children can decide what food to order for themselves.

3. Observe Proper Placing

Before you start creating your brochure, think about how much information you'll be putting. This is because the brochure size you choose will depend on how much information you need to input. As you write your content, be wary of how much space do you need to work with. Also, think of the design elements you'll be putting. And don't forget to dedicate a visible space for your restaurant's logo.

4. Stick to your Concept

Elevate your customer's dining experience by sticking to your concept. How you describe your dishes should reflect your restaurant's identity so that your customers will be immersed in your concept. For instance, if it's a Mexican restaurant, you should write agua de piña, instead of pineapple juice on your brochure.

5. Highlight your best Dishes

By highlighting your best dishes, customers will have an idea of how the food will be served to them. Only highlight a few of your best dishes, or your special dishes will lose its value. Take good pictures of your special dishes and add this to the brochure. Make sure you use high-quality photos and tantalizing words such as crisp, tender, rich, tangy, and smoky to describe the dishes. Doing so will surely make your customer's mouth water.

To add an image in photoshop, select the Frame Tool from th Toolbar, choose frame shape from the Options bar, draw a frame where you want to place your image, then place the image inside the frame.

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