In the fields of culinary arts and food-service, presentation means a lot. One way to complement this is the use of business cards. Whether you’re an independent chef or the owner of a catering service, a business card serves in both form and function. So, have a gander at our Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates and download a design of your choosing! You can rely on our 100% customizable and easily editable business card samples to impress your clients. These printable templates come in 3.5x2 inches in size (with bleed), all of which are compatible with Microsoft Word. Bump up the professional image of your cafe or diner by downloading now!

How to Make Restaurant Business Cards in Word

Do you run a barbecue restaurant? Does your bistro offer catering services? Maintaining a professional composure in the food industry is important, especially if you’re trying to impress customers and gain their confidence. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way of improving your image, then nothing says “professional” like pulling out a business card when meeting clients.

“Aren’t business cards so old-fashioned these days, though?” you might wonder. Far from it, actually--handing out a card is still a very convenient (and suave) way of instantly providing your contact info, even when compared to using smartphones or other mobile devices. And, as mentioned in a page from, the exchanging of business cards is seen as a sort of ritualistic tradition in countries like Japan. So, there’s culture and history behind them too!

And, as a guide on how to make a business card in Microsoft Word, we have a few tips that you can read through down below.

1. Select a Suitable Business Card Template

Not all of us carry experience in art and design, so we understand if you’re having trouble designing a contact card to represent your cafe or cooking expertise. To alleviate this problem, just check out our offerings of Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates! These samples come in a variety of spiffy vector art and creative themes to match your own particular needs.

2. Easy Editing in Microsoft Word

Not only is MS Word an effective word processor, but it’s even good for customizing our business card templates!

Once you’re done choosing and nabbed one of our templates, you can then get started on truly making it your own. Our samples are crafted to give all proficiency levels an easy time with customization, so don’t be shy and see how you can personalize the visuals to fit your taste.

To ensure that you don’t forget any of the possible ways for clients to get in touch with you, put down all options into a list and refer to it when filling in your card design. Also, leave out any that are meant for personal use; business associates won’t appreciate being put on hold while you take a call from friends or family.

Lastly, don’t forget about inserting your own logo (if you have one).

3. Other Material to Represent Your Culinary Business

Now that your business cards are ready for printing, you should think about using other methods for potential business to come to you.

Flyers are always a nice way of spreading the word. Cheap and easy to distribute, flyers are a tried-and-true option for good advertising.

To establish an online presence, consider setting up a website. This provides another method for people to get in touch (and another bit of detail to add to your calling card).

4. Ready to Do Business

After your card design is completed, go ahead and print out a small stack for you to carry around. Show off your professionalism with our elegant business card templates!

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