How to Create a Restaurant Costing Document

According to the National Restaurant Statistics, the restaurant industry has a projected sale of $899 billion in 2020. And one of the vital things in running a restaurant is wisely using money to ensure good revenue. That's why you need to prepare restaurant food costing to track your restaurant's profitability. And to help you create a restaurant costing document, check out the steps below.

1. Identify the Kind of Document You Have to Make

First, there is a lot of restaurant costing documents that you can make. You can create a monthly restaurant budget, food cost analysis, recipe cost, food cost, menu and recipe cost, cash memo, and many more. So, it's essential to choose what kind of restaurant costing document you need to now.

2. Create a Table

Usually, when you deal with costing, pricing, or just money, you need to create a table. Using a table will make your content more readable to anyone. To start, you can use a spreadsheet, MS Excel, or any software you have there. Be sure to make your table organized.

3. Input Content

The next thing you need to do is to input the needed content on your document. Write the right amount you need on your costing on each cell. Also, be sure to use the right formulas to get the right amount. For instance, you're making a food cost tracking form or document, you need to include details such as the products, its cost for each day, and its percentage.

4. Incorporate Your Brand

Your restaurant costing documents such as food price quotation, cash memo, and others will not be complete without your business's letterhead. Your letterhead is part of your branding, and it makes your document look credible, too. Your letterhead can include your logo, address, contact number, email, and website. However, if you want to be minimal, you can only add your business's logo on the document.

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