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How To Make A Restaurant Flowchart In Publisher

The restaurant industry is the most important today. It's where significant events, personal or professional, are celebrated. Whether you own catering service, buffet restaurant, pizza place, or anything else, you want to ensure that customers enjoy their time whenever they dine. To do that, you need to accomplish four things: a clean and comfortable place, good food, friendly restaurant employees, and proper process flow in restaurant operation.

A flowchart is a document that presents a process flow with graphics. In a restaurant business, this helps ensure a smooth process flow in operation and in identifying whether there are parts within the process that needs improvement. Below is a guide that you can follow to create a useful restaurant flowchart in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Analyze your current Workflow

Observe how your employees perform their tasks and determine whether that workflow is adequate for your restaurant. Check your restaurant report for other information that helps identify your current workflow as well. You know when your workflow is useful if people are contented with the food, your serving time, and how your employees serve them.

2. List your Steps

Using your current workflow as a guide, list down the steps for your new process. Only change the steps, if you think it needs improvement. Analyze each step as you create your list. Do you need to change the entire process or change a few? Maybe you need to remove a level? Talk to the person in charge to do the process and get their opinion. By doing this, you can ensure that your new workflow is convenient to both the restaurant and the person assigned to do the process.

3. Form the Flowchart

Open Microsoft Publisher and go to the Insert tab. You'll find the shapes under the Illustrations group. Select and drag to add and resize a way to your document. Commonly used ways for flowcharts are rectangle, oval, arrow, and diamond. For the connector, you can use lines or pointers. Select and click the shape to add in your steps. Work your way from the top down to the bottom. Don't forget to add your restaurant's logo.

4. Keep it Simple

Designs aren't necessary when it comes to flowcharts. You only need to create a simple restaurant chart. Make it look uniform by using only one color and size for the shapes. But for decision boxes, you can choose to change the color if you want. It is recommended that you use pastel colors or any light colors to keep it pleasing to the eyes.

5. Assess and Revise

Don't publish or print your basic chart right away. There could be spelling errors, or some steps may need revision. Do an assessment and evaluation first and revise it if needed. You must go over each step one by one to ensure that there are no mistakes. Go over your finished flowchart twice before you print or publish it. Display this in the work stations for everyone to see.

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