A restaurant, or an eatery, is an organization that prepares and serves food and drinks to customers. Meals are normally served on the premises and consumed, but many restaurants now provide take-out facilities and delivery of food. Restaurants differ widely in appearance and services, ranging from cheap fast-food restaurants and cafeterias to mid-priced family restaurants, to high-priced luxury establishments, with a wide range of cuisines and service styles. Many mid-to high-range restaurants also offer alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine.

Restaurants are classified or distinguished in many different ways. The food itself (e.g. vegetarian, fish, steak); the cuisine (such as Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, Mexican, Thai), or the type of offer are typically the primary factors. In addition, restaurants may distinguish themselves by variables such as speed, formality, location, cost, service, or themes of novelty. Fine dining, casual dining, contemporary casual dining, family-style, fast-casual, fast food, cafes, buffets, concession stands, food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and ghost restaurants are some of these. Restaurants are subject to checks by health inspectors in many countries to uphold public health practices, such as the provision of good hygiene and cleanliness. The most common forms of inspection report violations are those related to the storage at sufficient temperatures of cold food, proper cleaning of machinery, daily hand washing, and proper disposal of hazardous chemicals.

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