We're all aware that employees are the backbone of every company, and that's why their presence is essential. Either your restaurant is still new or is expanding, hiring people to fill vacant roles is beneficial. Of course, to inform people about the vacancy, you'll need to advertise it through a job description. This will help people know about the role, the responsibilities involved, and the skills required. Here, we have Restaurant Job Description Templates in Apple Pages at your disposal. These templates are perfect for any position in your restaurant. Also, these are 100% customizable and fully printable. If you wish to get started, we suggest subscribing to our templates today!

How to Create Restaurant Job Description in Apple Pages

According to CBS News, the restaurant and hospitality industry has 991,000 job openings, and by 2028, about 1.6 million new jobs are expected to open. The number shows that there are massive workforce demands in the food and beverage industry alone. As a restaurant owner, a compelling job advertisement will help you find qualified candidates to fill the vacant roles. Therefore, take advantage of our tips below to help you craft a job description using Apple Pages.

1. Indicate the Available Job Positions

You may be a newcomer to the restaurant industry or are planning to expand. Nevertheless, hiring more people to join the workforce is the best option. With that said, you need to be specific about the positions that need to be filled. Indicate if you are looking for a manager, kitchen staff, cook, service crew, bartender, waiter, receptionist, or cashier. Doing this will make it easier for the aspirants to assess themselves if they possess the required skill set.

2. Provide Job Summary

After indicating the job position, you will need to write a summary of it. This section is crucial since it will provide job seekers with an overview of the job, including the duties and requirements. Also, be concise when writing this section because it will set the reader's expectations. Make your job summary sound engaging while conveying essential details about your business' nature.

3. Create an Outline of the Duties and Responsibilities

Each role has a different set of duties and responsibilities, and it must be made clear in your document. Although you've already provided the reader with an overview of what they'll be doing, it's expected that they'd want to know more about it. Therefore, specify the tasks concisely and list them according to importance.

4. Specify the Qualifications and Skills

To ensure that you're able to hire the right and most competent people for the job, specify the skills and qualifications needed for that position. While some job descriptions combine the list of required skills and qualifications, it's actually better to separate the two to help you in assessing the candidates thoroughly. And just like the duties and responsibilities, make sure to prioritize these according to importance.

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