Are you planning your food service’s grand opening? Looking to promote your edible offers to the public? Whether you’re a mom-and-pop diner or a 5-star hotel restaurant, it can be hard to draw in enough patrons without a bit of good advertising. From flyer handouts to discount vouchers, marketing your food can be achieved through a variety of creative (and affordable) ways. So, with the help of our professional Restaurant Promotion Templates, you can instantly put together all kinds of effective material to spread the word! Incorporate our easily editable content with Adobe Illustrator to quickly make advertising tools in many different formats. Don’t delay—create banners, business cards, and more with our customizable designs!

How to Make Restaurant Promotions in Illustrator

With how varied and popular food service is, running a restaurant can be a very profitable venture. In fact, according to, the restaurant industry in the US is expected to earn a total of almost $900 billion for 2020.

So in order for your own restaurant business to succeed, it’d be wise to consider utilizing some marketing material, like posters, banners, gift vouchers, etc. Not sure where to start? No problem. Simply read our tips (below) on how to make your own advertisements in Adobe Illustrator!

1. Consider Your Material

There are so many ways to go about promoting your meal and dinner offers. For example, you can go with some simple distributable printouts like flyers, posters, and so on; these are quick and cheap to prepare. You also have larger printouts like banners and billboards, which can be pricey but will also last longer and be more noticeable in the right areas—there are even digital equivalents to these!

Something else you can take advantage of is special or limited offers (like timeslot discounts and free meal add-ons). This is where things like gift certificates and vouchers can come in handy, especially if you’re offering something that your competitors can’t.

2. Use Appealing Imagery

A key part of advertising is the use of attractive artwork and pictures, which can help grab the attention of glancing passersby. Coming up with suitable visuals can be tricky, but falling back on your restaurant’s theme or concept is always a good place to start if you’re ever at a loss with ideas.

When it comes to incorporating photography, be sure to use good-quality image files. You can also do more with photos other than inserting them into the design; a bit of editing with colors and effects can go a long way.

3. Creative Writing

It takes more than just a pretty face to entice potential customers; you gotta sell yourself with some writing too. And it’s not just about having good grammar, spelling, etc. to really get readers interested; you should put a bit of life into what your promotions say. Things like catchy taglines and witty dialogue can really help in winning people over!

4.Matching Font

When it comes to inserting your advertisement’s written content, the right kind of font needs to be given some thought. The look of your text affects your material’s overall aesthetic and can really complement it when done right. There’s also rendered text images for things like taglines and headers that you can take advantage of.

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