Eating in a restaurant is a whole different experience compared to how people usually eat at home. But sometimes people get too busy to have time eating in restaurants. Thus, the takeaway and delivery service was born! Make your restaurant's specialties available for delivery and prepare a takeaway menu that customers would love. You can create these with little to no effort. Check out Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Templates in Adobe Illustrator to work with original, expertly crafted ready-made templates. Save time by editing the templates according to your needs. Download the template on your computer or smartphone without trouble. Convenient, stylish, and cost-effective. Grab a template now!

What is a Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Menu?

Due to the circumstances in the year 2020, The online delivery services have projected to reach a revenue of a hundred and thirty-six million dollars, according to Statista. The apparent demand for delivery services is evidence that customers prefer to have their food delivered to their homes. Wise restaurant owners would adapt to the situation and prepare a takeaway and delivery menu. A menu is a collection of food items and their corresponding prices. Customers can choose what they want to order by looking at the menu.

How to Make a Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Menu

Let your customers choose among the food you serve at their homes' comfort by creating an online menu. It's quite easy, and we have some helpful tips for you below.

1. Prepare a List of Food Your Restaurant Would Serve

The menu mainly features the food served by the restaurant. As such, the food is where you will begin. Start with planning the menu, refer to food that your restaurant typically serves. Create a list of the food you chose and set it aside for later.

2. Base the Menu's Visual Design on Your Restaurant's Theme

Restaurants are intertwined with their theme, and their theme is related to the nature of the food they serve. Keep this in mind and study the colors that can be found in the restaurant's theme. For example, a seafood restaurant can use the color blue to represent the sea. Feel free to read reference materials for a better understanding of themes.

3. When Marking the Food Price, Don't Put the Dollar Sign

Customers tend to look for good service and delicious but affordable food, and sometimes the dollar symbol can be intimidating. To attract customers, avoid putting the dollar sign in the prices.

4. Include Some of the Food's Photos

Another thing that you can do to attract customers is to represent the food visually. Gather photos of the food and include them on the menu.

5. Finalize and Use

Check the sample menu for mistakes and add the finishing touches. After doing so, you can print it and use the file to promote the food for online orders.

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