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How To Make a Clean Resume in Pages

There are a lot of types of resumes that a job applicant can use to apply for a job. But by using a clean resume, a student applicant would be able to present his/her qualifications professionally, help an applicant's qualities stand out, and at the same time, it is neat to present to employers. Making your resume unique and straightforward rather than making it stylish would be a better choice because simplicity is beauty, and having it simple would probably attract a lot of employers in the future. That is why we have some excellent tips listed below to help you achieve a resume that stands out to employers.

1. Make a Layout

You have to make a sample layout of your resume format before you save your work. Creating a draft would prevent you from making mistakes, and at the same time, you can read ahead of time the things that you have put on your resume. After creating a draft, you can start choosing a template that would best fit your qualifications.

2. Compose an Objective

After you're done selecting the Basic Resume Template that you are going to work with, start composing a clear objective for your future employer. Employers usually based their decisions on hiring an applicant through the applicant's objectives. So, you should include in your objectives the goal you are aiming not just for yourself but for the company that you are applying for.

3. Highlight Your Educational Background

Some employers are very particular about the educational background of an applicant. That is why you should not forget to include the school you graduated from. You have to list the name of the school, the course that you took in college, and the year that you have graduated. If you have received any kind of awards or achievements at the time, you can include it also.

4. Feature Your Skills & Experience

If you have prior experience before you graduated from college, then you need to feature that experience on your customized resume. Your skills and experiences are fundamental because, aside from your educational background and objectives, employers would see to it that you are capable of working in their company just by looking at your experiences and skills. These are some of the essential parts of your resume, so make sure you don't skip this part.

5. Save and Produce a Copy

After putting all the necessary information together into the printable resume that you are working with, you can now start downloading the template and save it for later use. You can also save and send it to any online job portal sites out there. Just make sure that the details that you put in your resumes, like the contact information and email address, are correct so that employers could easily reach you anytime. Do not forget to keep your lines open at all times.

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