How To Create A Clean Resume In Microsoft Publisher

Did you know that 40% of hiring officers or managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume? Although recruiting officers don't spend a lot of time scanning through a resume, one should also consider that your resume plays a huge part in your job application, for it serves as a reflection on who you are as a future employee.

If you need a perfect resume that will cater to your job application, feel free to browse on our available templates only here on Also, below this article, we will show you how to actualize your resume effectively.

1. Know The Company That You Want To Partake

This step is your great advantage in the overall actualization of your resume. Before you formally start your resume layout, you also have to know, study, and identify the possible employee character that the company is looking for. For instance, you want to apply to a designer or creative agency, know their company's nature and brand style. Doing this can help you fabricate your resume that is not generic, minimalist, and traditional in style.

2. Gather Your Personal Information

When you create a resume, it is like you are pitching yourself to your future employers. With this, make sure to collect the most vital personal skills, work experiences, and other work accomplishments that would make your resume a valid one. If you are a fresher, consider adding your academic achievements.

3. Select A Resume Format

For your resume actualization, you should also consider selecting the appropriate format for your use. In a resume, there are three different formats to choose from: chronological format, functional format, and hybrid format. Choose the most appropriate format that you can utilize for you to relay and plot your resume details comprehensively. Additionally, professional resumes are usually written in a chronological format or hybrid format.

4. Open The Microsoft Publisher Application

With the use of Microsoft Publisher, your resume actualization would be at ease. Microsoft Publisher doesn't only offers a layout tool for flyers, brochures, and other pamphlets. It is also a great editing application for you, most especially if you want to actualize a creative resume for yourself. It is fast and easy for you to use, and this application is accessible to all of your Windows programmed devices.

5. Ensure The Overall Resume Presentation

After following the previous steps, make sure to make a review on the formatting, word construction, or design elements placement of your resume. Speaking of the design, this is only applicable for modern resumes that require creativity such as for graphic designers. Resumes usually come with an application letter, so you also need to consider having one. Furthermore, for you to manage your time and effort on having one resume, you can freely browse on our available resume templates above.

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