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How To Create A Clean Resume In Word

Resumes, also known as curriculum vitae, are documents that present your education, work experience, skills, and accomplishments to an employer. A well-presented and well-written professional resume are necessary when applying for a job. Before employers schedule an interview with applicants, they get to know them first through the resume and use this to eliminate unqualified individuals.

According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Expert, only 2% of applicants are called for an interview. It is also believed that an applicant is most likely to get hired on a Tuesday. As an individual who are trying to impress a company, be creative, and make sure that you present yourself well in your resume to get accepted for the job. To help you construct a professional, classy, and unique curriculum vitae, follow the how-to guide down below.

1. Choose a Format

Decide on a format before you list down your accolades. Factors must be considered when choosing a format. There are three main types of format; chronological, functional, and a combination of both chronological and functional. Chronological is the most commonly used format. Some formats are best for displaying your skills, while some are better at highlighting your experiences.

2. Structure and Organize

After choosing a format, your next step would be to input all your information in order. How you present the data depends on the format you pick and your personal preference. Remember, you have the option to make your resume format simple and minimal by not including all of your information. The contact information section of your curriculum vitae is crucial as this holds the information on how the company should address and contact you. Remember to list your education and work experiences in order.

3. List your experiences and skills

This is the part where you tell the company why you are applying for the job and fit the job description. List your experiences and skills in bullet form to make it look organized. Keep this part strong and simple. Be clear about your goals and abilities.

4. Style

Avoid making a two pages resume format template. But if there are information you need to include that is relevant to the position you are applying for, go ahead and make it two pages. There are no rules when it comes to the font and style you use. Just avoid using silly and tiny or huge fonts. It's highly recommended to use an 11 or 12 font size. For the font, use Times New Roman if you're having doubts. In addition, go with one color. Make your curriculum vitae look beautiful, but not too much.

5. Review and Print

Go over your resume after you've finished. Ensure there are no spelling errors, and your grammar is accurate. It's wise to carry printed resumes with you when going to interviews. Not to mention, a lot of companies today still asks for printed resumes from applicants. Luckily, the templates that we are offering are printable.

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