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How to Create Engineering Resumes in Adobe Illustrator?

Although in 2012, engineers, together with the scientists only make up 5% of the labor workforce in the USA, they are one of the channels for the country's economic growth. However, looking for a job is not easy. But that does not mean you will not step-up your game. As hardworking as you are, you will look for a job! One of the primary requirements for landing for an engineering job is a resume. In need of a resume that will surely get you for an interview that is editable in Adobe Illustrator? Don't worry, we have steps to help you:

1. Show Off Your Skills

Impress hiring managers to hire you for your skills on your professional resume. You have to remember not to include skills that are not necessary for the job you will apply for. So, get a pen and paper. Then, contemplate about the skills that you have learned from an internship or from work experience. For some shy people, do not be afraid to show off the skills that you have because not all people with the same degree as yours have them.

2. Present Your Educational Background

Some resumes do not show their education background. But sometimes, hiring managers will look for this section because they need to hire someone who had studied a particular course or program. If you have worked for more than five years, hiring managers will not concentrate your education, but will focus on your job experience. But if you are a fresh graduate or still a student (making a beginner resume) and have no job experience yet, you need to show your education background.

3. Display Work Experience

Aside from showing off your skills, you should include your work experiences. Hiring managers will focus on your job history on your simple resume because they want to see if you are fit for the job. Your previous works surely gave you skills and experiences that you can apply for your new career. For listing your past jobs, you should include the job title (e.g., production engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, or software engineer). Then, add the name of the company and your employment timeframe.

4. Note Your Achievements

Your previous achievements will make a difference for you on your printable resume. You may be a fresher or a pro in the working industry; still, your achievements are essential. They will give you an edge compared to others applying for the same job. The reason is that your achievements will show where you excelled and will show your hard work. So, go and look for your accomplishments in school or awards for a project!

5. Check for a Resume Format

There are different resume formats that you can use. But make sure that the form that you will use will layout what you want the hiring manager to see. There is a format that will highlight your employment history (chronological format); there is a format that will center on your skills (functional format); and a format that will combine the two forms (combination format).

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