According to the United States Department of Labor, the number of engineers in the US will increase to approximately 1.82 million by 2026. Thus, it is presumably that applying for an engineering position—be it mechanical, electrical, or civil—has become difficult. That is why if you want to get a job in the most growing industry, you have to set yourself apart from other applicants. Start by crafting an exceptional resume that will surely get the attention of the company you’re applying for.

Luckily for you, we have a trove of professionally written and beautifully designed Engineering Resume templates that you can easily download using Microsoft Publisher. Our template collection comes with premade content that you can easily edit, as well as well-crafted designs that you can customize based on what you want your resume to be, using our user-friendly editor tool.

Simply choose the perfect resume template that suits the engineering position you are applying for. After that, make some adjustments and replacements with the design and content. Don’t forget to highlight your skills, experiences, personal and educational background that are necessary for a creative resume. Once you’re settled, save the file and print it. You can also enclose your printed resume in a folder to make it look presentable and professional.

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