Creating a winning resume with an impressive layout that adds an edge for your job application is indeed quite challenging. But, that won't be the case if you utilize any of our Resume Format Templates in Adobe Illustrator (.ai). This subcategory of our high-quality Resume Templates each has a pre-made content that will serve as the foundation of your professional resume. They all have minimalist design layouts that fit the standards of today's modern industry. If you need to input your own creative touch and specifications to any of these templates, you can do so since all of them are 100% customizable and easily editable in Adobe Illustrator. Start feeling confident with your job-seeking endeavors by downloading our ready-made Resume Format Templates in Adobe Illustrator now! 

How To Create A Resume Format In Adobe Illustrator (.ai)?

Job applications are among the toughest stages of one's career. You'll feel the pressure, the anxiety, and the doubt whether you'll land a job that best suits your skills and competency. However, with the proper preparation such as practicing in answering tough job interview questions, revisiting your relevant academic lessons, and exercising your confidence, you have a good chance of getting the job you want. But the one thing that's mandatory when applying for a job is to submit your resume. A resume can be a major deciding factor whether an employer will hire you or not. That said, we will help you to create your resume by inviting you to read our useful guide below.

1. Use A Resume Format Template From Our Site

Creating a resume doesn't have to be time-consuming and cumbersome. For that reason, you should consider taking advantage of our Resume Format Templates. Once you download one of them, your resume already has a complete structure. Hence, no need for you to do it from scratch. Each of our templates has its own distinct creative yet minimalist design that fits the standards of a corporate setting.

2. Launch Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an editing program that works with almost any computer unit, can create quality files under minimal sizes, and has a user-friendly interface. With those advantages that Adobe Illustrator provides, it's advisable that you choose it in opening and editing your downloaded Resume Format Template. Every flexible tool and useful feature that you might need to formulate the components of your resume are present in Adobe Illustrator.

3. Input Your Personal Information Or Biodata

This process is an essential step when creating a resume since it's your identity. The template you've downloaded has a sample personal information or biodata. Of course, you have to remove and replace it with your own. Essentially, that includes your complete name, birth date, gender, contact number, email address, and residential address. Make sure that your personal information or biodata matches with your valid ID or birth certificate to avoid misleading an employer about your identity.

4. Sell Yourself

Your resume can be considered as a form of marketing tool to sell yourself to an employer. So what you must do is to input your complete educational background and professional background. Start by enumerating the schools you've attended, followed by the university where you got your degree, your work experience, and your relevant award certificates, achievement certificates, and participation certificates. Additionally, you can also enumerate your positive traits, such as being a friendly co-worker, hardworking, punctual, and the ability to work under pressure. Your background and positive traits will likely be thoroughly read by an employer, which can also be a deciding factor whether you'll be hired or not.

5. Add Your Character References

Employers would surely want to know about your personality as a professional from the words of other people. Give them that luxury by providing the contact details of your character references. They could be your college professors, past co-workers, past superiors, and other individuals with high-ranking job positions. You can also ask them to write a formal reference letter, primarily saying how great you are as a professional.

6. Write A Cover Letter

Once you've completed your resume, you must pair it with a cover letter addressed to an employer stating your intent to apply for a job position. You may also write in the cover letter about what makes you a worthy applicant for the job. After writing your cover letter, print it together with your resume and place both of them inside an envelope. Moreover, if the job position you're applying is related to architecture, to be a graphic designer, to be an infographic layout designer, to be a fashion designer, or any other artist positions, it's mandatory to submit a sample of your works together with your resume.

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