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What Is a One-Page Resume?

As its name suggests, it is a resume that only contains a single page that's full of information on one's qualifications. Whether a person is applying for the position of teacher, fashion designer, or even as an electronics technician, a one-page resume may just be all that he/she needs to get the job. The reason is that this document allows one to mention everything from his/her job history to work experience in a quick and easy manner.

How to Create One-Page Resumes in Apple Pages

1. Launch Apple Pages and Set Up the Document

Open up Apple Pages and use the shortcut Cmd+N or go to your top menu bar and select File > New in order to open up the template menu. From there, you can choose to start from scratch or you can navigate your way to the Stationery tab to see many different samples of professional resume templates. Once you've found the perfect one for making your one-page resume, then select it so that you may start making the document.

2. Start With Your Personal Details

Employers that receive resumes will definitely want to know the names of those who made them. So when making your one-page resume, you basically have to provide your basic personal information. Aside from your name, you will also have to include your updated contact details, complete address, and even your date of birth. It helps if you include a 2×2 picture of yourself that will leave a positive impression on your potential employer. Just make sure that it's one wherein you are posing decently and appropriately for a job application.

3. Provide Your Heading Statement

This statement is what will give readers an idea as to what it is that you're like as an employee and what it is that you're looking to attain. Start by pointing out the line of work that you are aiming for. If you shifted from a different career path, then you'll need to explain why. Then you are going to have to share what kind of workplace you're best suited to and what it is that you can offer to your potential employer.

4. Share Your Work History and Education

When sharing your work history, you are going to have to provide the names of the companies that you worked for, the positions that you've held, and the dates in which you started and ended your employment with them. If you don't have any work experience, then you can skip straight to your education. Point out the names of the educational institutions that you attended and the year in which you graduated. Be sure to include what you majored in when typing in the universities you attended. Also, be sure to include any programs or courses you took part in which are relevant to the job you're applying for.

5. List Down Your Skills and Hobbies

As this is a minimalist resume, you have to make sure that whatever you put in is relevant to the position that you're looking to fill in. Provide clear and accurate job descriptions of what it is that you can do that can help you get the job. Make sure that whatever you place are factual as any form of exaggeration can lead to unwanted and unnecessary problems. As for your hobbies, only list down those that have helped you developed the skills and knowledge needed for a good employee.

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