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What Is a Photo Resume?

A photo resume is a business document that is created with the intention showing to another person one's listed and summarized educational background, credentials, accomplishments, work experience, and abilities. A photo resume is a type of resume that differs from the rest because it contains a headshot of the applicant. There are various functions for a resume. However, the most widely-used and popular function of a resume is used by college graduates and adults as a tool when applying for a corporate or non-corporate job position. Most professional and formal job positions require an applicant to pass a 2-page resume accompanied by a one-page cover letter as part of the requirements of the company. Listed below are the steps and processes on how to create an effective resume.

How to Create Photo Resumes in Word

1. Start the Process With a Brief Intro

All resumes start with a little introduction about yourself. A brief introduction can be a single paragraph that contains a summary of your dreams, interests, and goals. You can even write down what are your capabilities and skills in the simple resume paragraph. Make your paragraph brief but well structured. After giving a brief history of the wonderful you, the next thing you need to do is to write down your objectives. The most common form used when writing your objectives is in bullet form. Your objectives need to directly affect and improve you. If it won’t then what would be the use in writing them down.

2. Impress Them With Your Achievements

The main thing that employers look forward to viewing in a professional resume is the applicant's accomplishments and job experiences. If you have worked as a social media manager, a banking manager, or a media reporter, remember to place that in your list of job experiences. If you were once a writer and editor at your school paper then write that down in your accomplishments. Job experiences and accomplishments help employers assess whether an applicant is worth hiring based on their experiences and abilities that they currently possess. Do not be shy. Put all of those job experiences as a McDonald's staff or a cashier in a bookstore. They might be helpful in a future interview.

3. Pick a Resume Style

A resume's layout presentation depends upon the resume style you are aiming to use in this business application document. Any type of resume style has an intuitive design. Intuitive design means that you know how to organize your information when you see a certain resume style. The most commonly used resume style is the chronological style, but it now becomes too plain and boring. Another style is the functional resume where the style focuses on highlighting your skills and abilities instead of your chronological work history. Any style will work as long as you place a headshot of yourself on the upper parts of your resume format since you are aiming for a photo resume. These are only two of the many other styles out there. Do research on the other resume styles.

4. Other Details then Proofread

The common mistake applicants do is to now review their resume. You must review your photo resume a couple of times because you might have forgotten to place your contact details (email address and contact number), their current address, their three references, and other necessary details that will help employers assess and contact you for further inquiry. You must review your photo resume a couple of times. Your layout outline might not even be pleasing to you even after the creation process. So reviewing a lot of times will help you perfect your resume layout presentation until you are finally satisfied with the output!

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