How to Create a Retro Lookbook

Boost your vintage fashion style with the use of a lookbook. But in case you don't know how to create one, we will teach you how to do it. All you need to do is to read the tips that our team has written to make it easier for you to fabricate one. You can start by reading the steps below:

1. Create a Team and Plan

You can't create a Retro Lookbook by yourself. You need to create a team to help you produce one. So, meet with them and make a plan. Your plan should tackle about the deadline, budget, layout, tasks, resources, materials, and timeline.

2. Collect All Photos

Look for vintage photos and collect them. Get some details that could describe your photos. Use these photos on your magazine. Or if you don't have one, look for a model and let him/her wear a vintage clothes. And then, ask a photographer to picture him.

3. Be a Wild Artist

Now, conceptualize a design that you want to apply on your cover page. An excellent cover page can lure your target customers to read the contents of your fashion lookbook. Therefore, don't be afraid to release your artistic skill if you want to captivate your clients to avail of your brand.

4. Craft Your Layout

There are a lot of software around the world where you can create a design and craft your layout. Some of them are MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and MS Word. These editing tools have special components to make it easier for you to use. Open which of these tools works best, and you can start crafting your layout.

5. Save and Publish

Save your lookbook on your computer, laptop, or websites like Google Drive and Yahoo mail. And then publish it in a publication firm. Distribute or sell it to your target customers. You can also post it on your website if you want.

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