There’s nothing like spending the night at an awesome party on the weekend! And, a type of party that’s especially fun is one based on styles from previous decades. To spread the buzz about your upcoming vintage event or party, download one of our Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates! Whether it’s the 90’s, 70’s, or even the 50’s, we’ve got printable and easily editable designs to cover your theme. Our professional flyer samples are 100% customizable in Microsoft Publisher, available in A4 and US letter sizes. So, nab a template for your advertising needs and get ready for your night of timeless oldies!

How to Make Retro Party Flyers in Publisher

There are tons of different themes to use for a weekend dance party or nighttime get-together. However, something that pays homage to the stylings of previous generations always has its own special charm to it. From the Roaring ‘20s to the Naughty ‘90s, it’s hard to beat having a good time with these tastes from the past!

So, when throwing together your own decade-inspired event, you need to get the word out there and show everyone a fun time. And we have just what you need with our Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates! Get everyone talking about your upcoming party with our professional flyer designs, all of which come in a variety of stylish aesthetics.

Flyers are one of the most effective, tried-and-true ways of getting exposure. In a page from, flyers take only a few minutes to get ready and cost around a mere 50 USD to print 1,000 copies--it’s cheap, convenient, and effective!

And, to find out how you can use Microsoft Publisher in designing a flyer all on your own, then check out our handy tips found down below.

1. Download a Flyer Design to Match the Decade

When it comes to designing a flashy party flyer, you’re gonna be spending a good bit of time and effort; and this can be pretty challenging for even experienced artists/designers to fulfill on time. With that being said, we’ve compiled a useful set of Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates for you to download and match your promotional needs! From classy photography to simple vector art, we can cover whichever generation you’re planning around.

2. Prep Your Handout in Microsoft Publisher

For putting together your custom flyer design, MS Publisher is an excellent tool for the job. Designed for composing all kinds of distributable reading material, it’s definitely a good choice for our flyer templates!

Did you get your hands on a template yet? After downloading the file to your computer, it’s time to fire up MS Publisher and let your imagination take charge. Our flyer samples are all premade for approachable editing, so feel free to try whatever customization ideas you can think of.

As you draft the written content of your advertisement, you should focus on more than just good grammar. Have a bit of fun with it and add creative dialog to entice potential party-goers!

3. Organize Your Party With Other Material

After you finish up with your party flyers, you should have a look at other ways to help throw your party.

Wanna improve your event’s chance at exposure? Design a neat poster and make some copies to plaster around for passerby to take a gander at.

Keeping up with the goings-on in your party is gonna be important, so put together a party itinerary in advance.

4. Get the Crowd Buzzing

Once you’re done with your flyer’s design, you can finally print however many copies you want and get them out there for everyone to read. Whether you’re going for a groovy disco contest or a fancy night of jazz, you can bet on our Ready-Made Retro Flyer Templates to get you a big headcount!

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