The church helps us grow in faith. They share the wisdom and teachings from the gospel in every church service and gathering. But when church becomes a religion, people run dry with their faith. Get people back to feet with their faith on fire by holding a revival event. Get many people involved and informed in this event by promoting it with a flyer. Make it now with the help of our Ready-Made Revival Flyer templates. Download, modify and print these templates in Illustrator, Apple Pages, PSD, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. Invite people now to another round of revival event!

How to Make a Revival Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

Many nations around the globe are professing their faith in public, and America is one of the. Though not the entire American population is with this but more and more people each day are being bold about it. The history of America’s spiritual revival and awakening can prove this occurence.

One of the many ways to be part of a revival event is through a flyer. Graphic templates such as flyers can now be made in high quality with computer software such as Microsoft Publisher. Create them now by following the guide steps below.

1. Gather Information about the Event

Provide the details that are essential to be seen on the flyer: the name of your church, schedule, venue, theme, contact details, and names of the pastors who will speak in the revival event. You can add the reason why your church is organizing this event. You can say that it’s your church anniversary, a worship session, or your church’s harvest event. Gather this information from the organizers or the pastors themselves so you can get complete notes about this church event. Save pictures of the speakers as well as much as possible. And if any organization sponsored this event, don’t forget to mention them on the flyer as well.

2. Set up the Flyer

Create the flyer with just a few clicks. Scroll this page up and download a revival flyer for free. All our templates above are customizable in Publisher. Flyer templates are also available in Microsoft Publisher’s template library. Use the software’s tools to modify the contents of the template with your event details or use them to set up the flyer from scratch. Choose a paper size and start incorporating texts to the blank page document. Insert the images of the speakers or background pictures then set the right size for them. Check your work for any typographical and other errors to verify if the information are correct.

3. Embellish the Flyer

You don’t want to hand out these event flyers without giving your all in creating it, do you? So apply a design to the flyer. Plain colors will do or turn it into a creative flyer. That will be up to you. Just make sure that your design complements the elements found in your flyer, such as the texts and especially the images. This will keep your design from overshadowing other contents. The information that your flyer will give to its receivers and readers are what matters the most. Change the font styles and colors, if preferred, to add to the flyer’s design.

4. Print Copies

The most awaiting finale. Click ‘publish’ and save your finish output in a folder. Do the most essential thing to do when making promotional materials, print many copies. Produce your church flyers and be able to distribute it to the members of your congregation so they can help as well in promoting the event. Reach out to church and nonchurch goers and invite them to attend this revival event. Promote more your church’s events, merchandise, and the like with our promotion templates that are readily available in various file formats. Make noise for your church now!

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