What Is a Roll-up Banner?

A roll-up banner, also known as a roller banner or pull-up banner, is used as a way of selling products or services and are sometimes exhibited in events or trade shows. This kind of banner is essential for a business or a shop in order to market the product to the customers. Roll-up banners are very catchy in order to grab the attention of the people who see it within just a few seconds.

How to Make a Roll-up Banner

Having a roll-up banner for your business is a great way to grab customers' attention who pass by. Given that people walk by your sample banners for just a moment, it is important to quickly grab their attention with your unique and eye-catching banners. We have some ideas to help you in making your own roll-up banner.

1. Convey Direct Message

First off, think of what the main purpose of your corporate roll-up banner or just your roll-up banner is. For example, you want to advertise your company's product, so make sure you convey the correct idea to your customer. Highlight the benefits they can get from your product. Your sales message should be on point. You must include your products' or services' advantages and profits.

2. Avoid a Wordy Banner

People will only look at your banner for a few moments; no customer would want to read a very lengthy banner. They do not have much time for that. Make sure to be concise and clear. What do you want to emphasize to the customers about your products or services? Make sure to write it on your customer's point of view to make it more engaging and not boring. You can use bullet points in order to shorten your idea. A creative banner template can help you incorporate information and ideas.

3. Use Color Carefully

Colors add importance and life to your simple banner. However, you should be careful in using them. Make sure that the color you choose complements your business logo. According to a study, 93% of buyers focus on appearance, so it is important to have a very catchy appearance, and that includes the color. Furthermore, colors also give the tone of your banner. Choose the color that best suits your business and, of course, experiment on them; check what works and what does not.

4. Pictures Are Important

For your creative roll-up banner, your picture should be high in quality, and make sure you have the copyright to images from other sources. Make sure that the picture you have on your banner stands for your message.

5. Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Make sure to organize your banner through the use of visual hierarchy. People read from top to bottom and left to write. Make it easy to the eyes. No one would want to read a messy banner.

6. Include Your Contacts Details

You should put your company email address, contact number, website, etc. It is better to put such information at the bottom of the page. Make sure that these are written in a clear font that is readable, which will be easier for the customer.

7. Put Your Company Logo

A company logo represents your company, so it is important to include it. It is better to put it at the top of the banner. This will easily catch the eyes of your customers. Make your company logo at an eye level to attract customers.

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