How to Make a Roll-Up Banner in InDesign

In order to stand out from the rest of the competition, establishments really have to step up their marketing strategies. Establishing one's business venture can be successful if effective tools are used. One good way of promotion is by putting up roll-up banners on ideal and strategic locations.

A roll-up banner is a printed marketing tool mostly used during business conferences, trade shows, fairs, exhibits, conventions, among others. The advantages of using a roll-up banner are numerous. One advantage is it's easy to put up and put down. In addition, it can be kept in perfect condition if stored for a long time. So, start making your own trade show banner, restaurant roll-up banner, real estate roll-up banner, or corporate roll-up banner now. It is an economical and brilliant way to establish a presence in the competitive crowd.

1. Design Accordingly

Your roll-up banner should showcase who you are as a company and what services or products you offer. Even at a quick glance, people should be enticed to engage with your customer representatives. You can start your design project by using Adobe InDesign. With this editing platform, you can have the best roll-up banner in no time. Through InDesign, you can also make your own company posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, and other promotional materials.

2. Arrange the Design Elements from Top to Bottom

When designing your roll-up banner mockup, always place your company logo at the top. Most of your possible stakeholders are taught to read from left to write and top to bottom, so it's important to follow visual hierarchy in your overall layout. Your banner must be visible from a distance to call out the attention of everybody. Moreover, it's also important that you use the same photo or logo in all your marketing materials. According to, your target market will instantly recognize and retain your brand identity.

3. Use a Sturdy Stand

A banner stand should withstand the test of the surroundings. There are different kinds and configurations of banner stands, they are as follows: retractable banner stand, L banner stands, X banner stands, Telescopic or Pole Tension stands, Motorized, Scrolling Banner stands, Outdoor Banner stands, and Banner Flags. Choose the best one that will not topple over easily. Use a sturdy banner stand for support and efficient presentation or display purposes.

4. Place Contact Information on the Banner

As beautiful and attractive as it may appear, roll-up banners will be more effective if necessary contact details can be found. Contact information is important because people will have access to reach you at their own convenience. Highlight this part because it will be your way of establishing and inviting connections.

5. Use High-quality Printing Materials

The finished roll-up banner design can be imprinted using fabric or vinyl banner material. Banner printing requires quality paraphernalia, so it's highly suggested that you hire printing professionals to do the job. Quality printing results in a quality material ready for display. The images, colors, fonts, and context of your overall layout must complement each other to arrive at a pleasing end product.

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