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How to Design a Salary Certificate in Illustrator

The salary of a person needs some certification from the employer. Making a salary certificate is now more convenient through Adobe Illustrator. Go through the process of designing one with our list of steps below.

1. Get Basic Info

A certificate is not, in any way, legal without any written information. Get the name, position, and identification number of the employee along with basic company details. Make sure to know the amount of the employee's salary. There's no need for a breakdown—the entire amount would do.

2. Write Content

Click a blank document in Adobe Illustrator. Write the content in simple sentences. There's no need to expound how the employee was hired by the company. Just include the essential information about the employee and the amount of monthly salary. At the bottom of the document, write the name of the company manager. Leave a little space for the signature.

3. Put Colors

Some salary certificates don't have colors to exude an aura of formality. However, if you want an aesthetically pleasing design along with formality, you can put colors on your certificate to a minimal amount. The edges of your certificate are excellent spaces to put some colors on. Don't forget to include the company logo as well.

4. Finalize Details

After making the certificate, leave it as it is for a short while. Go back to the document and fix some glaring errors. Doing this keeps your certificate spotless and perfect.

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