Did you know that by the time 2020 rolls around, customer service will have more of an impact on whether consumers enjoy doing business with you than prices? It's a known fact that you're bound to encounter different types of customers in your business. You'll need to know how to deal with each type if you want your customers to be satisfied with your service. Reach out to your customers in a more professional way using our ready-made, high-quality, professionally written, and easily editable Sales Customer Service Templates in Apple Pages. These templates help you deal with satisfied as well as disappointed customers. All our templates 100% customizable, saves time, and are available in sizes A4 & US Letter Sizes to fit your business. If you want to ask customer’s feedback or you just want to say thank you for their undying support, you can definitely find the perfect template from our list. Start browsing now and download one from these ready-made Sales Customer Service Templates in Apple Pages today!

How to Create a Customer Service Document?

A customer service document is a document that can either be printed out or sent via email and contains details of the service given to a customer. Whether these be letters of acknowledgment of customer praise for an employee, a customer satisfaction survey, or a complaint letter, all customer service documents need portray how a customer truly felt about the service he received to help form trust with the customer. If you're a Mac user, Pages is a good editing format for you since it allows you to fix errors and revise redundant sentences quick and easy. So, here are a few tips to help make your customer service document:

1. Learn the Basics of Apple Pages

First and foremost, you need to know how to use the editing software you're using which in this case is Pages. Pages allow Mac users to create forms, agreements, and even surveys if you use the right tools. All you have to do is open Pages, select a blank document, and work from there. You can choose either the blank landscape layout or just blank, but usually, plain blank is the standard.

2. Define Your Purpose

Now that you have your layout, it's time to identify what kind of document you're making. Is it an email to be sent? A survey to be answered? Or the cover letter of a long and detailed complain on your services? Make sure that whether you're the company writing a letter of thanks for a customer's loyalty, or the client yourself, what you want is to be clear from the get-go what the letter is.

3. Choose Your Layout

This can only be done after the said purpose has been set as it requires knowledge of the document as a whole. For example, a customer care survey has a different template than a letter of apology an employee made for lack of quality service. To make things easier, you can use an easy-to-edit template to save time and get the task done quickly ( which you can find here at our website conveniently enough).

4. Make Your Drafts

Now that you have a general understanding of what to do, how to operate Pages, and how to start from scratch, you can make your first draft. The thing about drafting your document is that when you don't set it in stone from the start, you have opportunities to revise, make it cleaner and sleeker or bulkier, whatever you feel like the document needs you can start working on and not worry too much about making errors since Pages is, after all, a word editing format.

5. Print It Out

When you're done with everything, you've made multiple drafts and finally found a format and layout you like, you can do a mock-print (if it needs to be printed) to see how good it looks and then print out the real document.

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