When we talk about sales, it’s a pretty generic term that refers to activities performed by a salesperson. Regardless of its broadness, these activities all have one thing in common, selling products. For a salesperson to hit their quota and boost the company’s revenue, it’s important for them to manage their time effectively. One way is by using a Gantt chart, and we have an entire collection of Sales Gantt Chart Templates available below. These high-quality products are professionally designed yet very easily editable. Go ahead and start managing your sales campaigns by getting your hands on our templates!

What Is a Sales Gantt Chart?

A sales Gantt chart is a graphical representation of a schedule and various sales activities. These activities involve product launch and presentation, and all promotional campaigns to promote product sales.

How to Design a Sales Gantt Chart

According to an article by Andrew Thomas, quality content marketing and excellent customer service will help you boost sales. However, you shouldn’t forget about managing your time. Below are guidelines to help you design a Gantt chart for effective time and project management.

1. Choose a Suitable Software Application

You can make Gantt charts using any software application you like. If you do have a preference, make sure that it allows you to fully design and customize your Gantt chart. For most people, they prefer to use Microsoft Excel because it already comes with cells for the data.

2. Start Laying Out the Activities Involved

Gantt charts are all about the strategic planning of tasks and then laying them out on a timeline. Before dwelling into the project schedule, focus first on making a list of activities or tasks. Identify the “what” of the sales process before proceeding to the “when.”

3. Write a Timeline of Dates above the Chart

After making the list of activities, you can start creating the timeline. Be sure to know when the whole sales campaign will start and end so you can specify both points with their corresponding dates. Depending on how much time you have, you can also divide the entire timeline into equal parts and then put dates on them as well.

4. Add Progress Bars to Represent Each Activity

The addition of progress bars is what makes Gantt charts distinguishable from generic schedulers or reminders. These simple enhancements, with the help of the timeline, signify how long each activity will last. Also, these will help add visual appeal to even the most basic diagrams.

5. Indicate Milestones to Highlight Important Events

Another bonus feature that can make your sales Gantt chart more effective is by adding milestones. By definition, these are important events wherein significant changes or achievements occurred. When writing milestones, don’t forget to specify its dates.

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