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How to Create a Sales Mind Map in Apple Pages

Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, created this technique inspired by Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Joseph D. Novak. He knew the power within the concept and created this with enthusiasm. Nowadays, people around the globe use this method for marketing, retail, and even sales. By using this method, professionals from all over the world can create new ways to tackle a problem or learn a lesson. That is why this technique is a valuable learning and brainstorming method.

So if you desire to create a mind map template to match this method, we provided some tips below to help you through.

1. Write the Main Idea

Mind mapping revolves around the idea of concept mapping. So, before anything else, jot down the main idea you have in mind. Highlight your idea and make sure it's readable.

2. Provide Subpoints

Because we are creating a sales mind mapping, you should put yourself in the idea of sales. Be specific in writing your subpoints. However, make sure that they are relatable to the central concept. You can have many ideas written on the board or sheet.

3. Create Connections

Now that you have your main idea and subpoints, connect each of the latter to where they should be connected. Use lines, dots, and other indicators as you see fit. Connect as many as you can.

4. Expound and Explore

Explore your brain and expound your subpoints. You'd find a lot of good ideas to support your main idea. Get a notebook or journal ready in case you get some ideas along the way.

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