Goal-setting is a vital process in providing focus in organizations. But, more often than not, executives have a hard time in deciding on these goals because of its abstraction. What most people need are visual representations of these abstract ideas and mind maps are readily available. Sales mind maps, in particular, is a necessary tool to increase sales and productivity. If you need to generate more effective sales strategies to appeal to your consumers, our site offers various samples that you can modify. Start boosting your sales by downloading a template today! 

How to Make a Sales Mind Map in PDF

In an article by Mindjet, almost 65% of the population are visual learners. Therefore, visual tools such as charts, graphs, and tables are useful methods in relaying information and numerical data. Here are some tips on how you can break down and make your sales mind maps effective.

1. Review Mission and Vision

The mission and vision serves as your company’s true north. So, before making new corporate plans and strategies for your company, make sure that it is in line with both your mission and vision. This information will help in setting the appropriate goals.

2. Know Your Resources

A vital factor in making a mind map is the current resources of your company. You need to know what you can work with and what you need to acquire, since the map will show the causal or relational relationships of these resources to the situation of the company.

3. Start on a Whiteboard

Before setting the map in stone, start with something erasable such as planning on whiteboards. In using this method, you can easily erase and change the arrangement of the variables. Suggestions are also easier to show through this method.

4. Careful with Arrowheads

Similar to creating flow charts, the last and most vital thing to consider is the placement of the arrowheads. As a visual tool, the viewers of the mind map will focus on and interpret its elements. One mistake in the placement of the arrowhead will change the meaning of the map.

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