Selling goods and services is not easy. For the business to progress, representatives must be experts. An effective and excellent salesperson has to juggle appointments in one day. You are either meeting a customer, making calls and emails, or finding new opportunities. Perhaps, it’s a very challenging task. It's either you miss out on important dates or forget about your objectives. But don’t worry. You can explore our Ready-Made and Professionally Designed Sales Planner Templates. With a readily-available document, customize it using Apple Pages. Now, get the ease in plotting your schedules, goals, and progress. Have this opportunity by downloading our templates today!

How to Create a Sales Planner in Apple Pages

Since the earlier century, trading and selling existed already. Today, the backbone of the organization remained to be the determinants of business success. As planning and marketing are vital factors in successfully selling your goods and services, the organization needs to have a professional salesperson. According to the survey the Harvard Business Review released, only 12% of the salespeople get an excellent win in network marketing and direct sales. This only manifests a fewer success rate. But in enabling to achieve your weekly, monthly, or yearly sale goal, planning is a requirement. To get you started, detail your plans with a Sales Planner. Make one in Apple Pages by following the steps below.

1. Prioritize Your Sale Goals

In achieving your goals, begin with the most essential. With that said, always secure a list of your objectives. Make sure these will benefit your organization’s sales later on. You can be ambitious, but remember never to cross boundaries. So, ensure its doability within a reasonable amount of time. And also separate the long-term and short-term goals.

2. Get a Sale Planner Template

Decide with your team if you are ready to get things handier. To schedule your appointments or organize your business tracker, avoid consuming time with a Professionally-Made Sales Planner Templates. You can get a template from our website. Download and edit it in Apple Pages using Mac. With a ready-made document, adjust the layout accordingly. Create tables on each page if there is a need to. Then, use correct heading titles. This gives you the freedom and more time too.

3. Transfer the Details

To complete a basic planner, individually transfer the details on each page. With your ready-made template, make the adjustments in the table and text sizes. You can have a page for the checklist, tracker, or cost estimates. So, go back to your first step and see what’s on the list. This helps you set and lay your priorities.

4. Customize It

You can stick with a more minimalistic design or consider adding a pop of colors. Generally, it’s up to you. Just make sure that your document remains to provide its purpose. And on the cover page, you can add the planner title and the company logo. Then, incorporate relevant elements if you want to. If done, review the output. If it benefits the company, keep a copy!

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