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What is a Salon Brochure?

A salon brochure is an eye-catching, informative promotional document used in advertising. It is a marketing tool that introduces the types of products and services that a salon offers.

How to Make a Salon Brochure

Salon establishments can be seen anywhere, not just in the metro but also in the countryside. According to an article posted by The Atlantic, around 70% of women use hair coloring products in the United States alone. It is reported that most women prefer to have a professional hair stylist to take care of their hair, so they can fully achieve their desired look. Based on the report and the statistical data, it is undeniable that salon industry is booming. An increasingly successful industry signifies that there are a lot of businessman having this kind of business, thereby making the market an arena of competition. With the tough competition ahead of you, you need have an effective marketing tool such as creative brochures. Here are some guidelines that will help you get through in making a salon brochure.

1. Download and Use our Premium Brochure Templates

Your salon brochure is your medium in informing the general public with the type of products and services you offer and in persuading them to avail those. You need to have a great brochure that is attention-grabbing. Ladies and gents, you don’t have to start from scratch because we can help you get through this. It’s the high time for you to download and use our premium salon brochure templates, so you can fully accomplish your goal. These sample brochure templates are made through the collaboration of our professional writers and graphic artists. We guarantee that you will never regret using our templates.

2. Compose an Enticing Advertisement Copy

In writing your content, make sure to include all the important details about your company. One way to entice prospective customers is to lay out your edge among other competing salons. Be creative in introducing your products and services to your audience, however, avoid overwriting and using of vague words because it will only confuse the readers. Choose appropriate typefaces and use bullet points and italicized key details to give emphasis.

3. Compile Relevant Illustrations and Images

Insert only relevant illustrations and images to your brochure, such as your business logo and images of your products and services that your salon caters. Trying to put even a single irrelevant thing can destroy the rest, so you better be careful.

4. Add Call to Action

An effective salon brochure should include a call to action, however, do not assume that your audience will contact or purchase your products and services right after they are done reading your brochure. You cannot expect everyone to bite what you have offered. The best thing that you should do is to put your contact details in the brochure—contact number, address, email address, social media and etc. —somehow, somewhere, there are people who will want to avail your offers.

5. Check your Brochure Before Printing

You have invested a lot of time and effort in making your salon brochure, yet you still ended up being disappointed with the result. How can you convince your reader when you were also not convinced with your craft? Remember, your making a brochure because you want to have clients in your beauty spa, beauty parlor, or beauty salon business. Prior to printing, always check for misspelled words and grammatical errors. Distributing a brochure to the public is like allowing people to judge your business, so you better be keen. In printing, use glossy papers and laser printers so the quality of the images and the designs will not be destroyed.

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