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Create a Summary Report Showing the Breakdown of Possible Expenses with Our Sample Budget Apple Pages Templates. Perfect for a Startup Business or Corporate Entity, You Can Create Daily, Weekly, Monthly Budget Reports Before the Management Can Even Request One. Is Home to High-Quality Free Templates, We Make Reporting Easy for Everyone.See more

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  • You don't want to end up bankrupt, do you? Whether you're a student, employee, or entrepreneur, it's imperative to save money to avoid stress and worries when calamity or emergency strikes. But, for you to save your money, you need to start planning your budget. And when you achieve the practice of budgeting, you will generate some savings. Now, isn't that wonderful? But it takes discipline to maintain this kind of routine. Our ready-made Sample Budget Template helps you manage and track your money easily for you to maintain control over your income. It's 100% downloadable, editable, and printable. It's also available in PDF, Pages, Excel, Word, Numbers, and Docs. All you need to do is to subscribe through our website for more business deals. 

    How to Create a Sample Budget in Pages

    If in case you are not sure how to budget your money, that's great because you've come to the right place. We will teach you how to do it. Our team of professionals created some tips to give you direction on how to spend your money wisely. These tips are helpful, especially in decision making. All you need to do is to read the tips below in creating a sample budget and it may go well with you:

    1. Stop, Look, and Think

    Hold it right there! Take a look at your income, profit, or allowance. Now, think of what you can do about it. When you receive an amount of money, you don't go spending it immediately. You need to plan it first, or you'll end up full of debts and loss. It will only cause you to be in a state of depression and anxiety.

    2. Plan Your Budget

    If you don't want to be haunted by your debts, then start planning your budget. Planning is the wisest thing you could do so that you can save your money just in case you'll encounter some emergencies. Planning also means you are responsible in handling your money. You are in control of spending it. Therefore, plan before you spend.

    3. List the Things You want to Spend

    Get a notebook. Take note of the things that you want to spend with your money. Arrange them according to priority and what is essential. And then create a strategy on how you can save your money. One of the strategies that you need to do is to deposit them in a bank so that you can't get the cash immediately. Or you could invest your savings in business such as in the foreign exchange business. 

    4. Set Your Goals

    Goals are very important when you want to save your money because you cannot save without a purpose. You save money with a purpose. Therefore, set a goal and create a budget plan so that you won't end up broke. For you to do this, you need to discipline yourself and allocate some funds in some of your items. 

    5. Track Your Budget

    If you want to track and monitor your budget, you need to record and itemize it. One of the tools you'll need is the Apple Pages. Through this software, you can input the money you spent in a day or month. In this way, you'll be able to see whether you are spending your money too much or you have savings. Then, save your file in your computer or websites like Yahoo Mail or Google Drive. 


  • 1. What is the difference between budget and budgeting?

      The word budget refers to money, fund, or cash, while budgeting refers to planning where and when to spend your money. 

  • 2. Why is budgeting very important?

      You may not know what the future holds, but it's better to be ready anytime and anywhere. You need to prioritize the necessities, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to allocate a budget for a vacation. You just simply divide your money according to where it should be like on your bills, food, clothing, shelter, and vacation because you also need a break. 

  • 3. Why is planning essential when budgeting?

      Planning is imperative when budgeting so that you will be able to control your money from spending it on your wants instead you should spend it on your needs. In planning, you'll also be able to monitor the budget that you spent. 

  • 4. How do you budget your money?

      1. Plan Before You Spend.
      2. Set A Goal. 
      3. Schedule Your Deadlines.
      3. Prioritize the Necessities.
      4. Keep Some in the Bank.
      5. Invest For Your Future.
      6. Allocate for the things You want to Spend.

  • 5. How can you track your budget?

      You will have to document or keep a record of the things that you spend and keep the receipt if needed. Then, compute the remaining that you have versus the money that you spend.