There are all kinds of different ways to celebrate holidays or other special occasions whenever they come around. We have parties, spend time with family, attend festivals, exchange gifts, participate in faith traditions, hang out with friends, and a lot more. One particularly long-running practice is the use of greeting cards, which is a nice and heartwarming way of expressing a heartfelt message to loved ones.

Greeting cards have been around for quite a long time—thousands of years, in fact. The earliest known records of greetings cards date all the way back to ancient China and Egpyt, and it wasn’t until the 1400s when commercialized prints started popping up in Europe (like the aptly named Greeting Card Association explains in an article). Ever since then, greeting cards have become a staple in sharing wishes and messages for any occasion. So, if you’re interested in designing an original greeting card of your own, feel free to download our Sample Greeting Card Templates.

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, or wedding, we’ve got you covered with our diverse collection of easily editable card designs. Our greeting cards come fully equipped with vector graphics, eye-catching backgrounds, and complementary text to ensure a quick design process. Our samples come in a wide array of beautiful colors—like blue, pink, purple, and red. Each design template provides you with 100% customizable content, so you won’t have trouble implementing your design ideas. And if you prefer using Adobe software for your editing needs, you can get our greeting card samples for Adobe Illustrator. Download our printable templates and create lovely greeting cards for every occasion.

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