Meetings are vitally important in any corporation— if done well. According to statistics, $37 billion per year is wasted because of unproductive meetings. This just shows how essential a constructive meeting is as it would cost you everything. One way to do it right is to secure meeting minutes to track the meeting’s productivity. Start writing meeting minutes now by downloading this premium, comprehensive, and professionally written Sample Meeting Minutes Template. This template is packed with original suggestive heading and content that you can edit and customize. Also, this file is printable in Google Docs format. Make your meetings right with our template!

How to Make a Sample Meeting Minutes in Google Docs

Meetings can be held by anyone at any location. You can hold a school meeting or a non-profit organization meeting, but either way, it must be done correctly. How? By securing a narrative summary of the meeting for recordkeeping purposes! So, if you have an upcoming meeting and wanted to take note with everything, here are some helpful tips in making a sample meeting minutes.

1. Start with Action Review

It is a basic in every meeting that actions are reviewed before officially starting it. With your meeting minutes, you also need to start it by narrating the action review. But, if an action is completed, do not bother to include it. Instead, make a note saying that other actions are completed and were no longer relevant.

2. Include Meeting Attendance

One of the benefits of meeting minutes is that it serves as an accountability tool in determining the people who are involved in the meeting. Include a checklist of every person who attended the meeting. You also need to include those invited people who cannot attend and sent apologies.

3. Attach Images

This tip is applicable to both printed and electrical meeting minutes, but it would be efficient to do it in an electrical document. You can attach photos of the meeting, proving that it is held and conducted. There are instances where words cannot express what you need to say, so, expound it through images.

4. Document Decisions

Meetings are one way of the members of an organization to come up with decisions in a certain matter. Include into your meeting minutes the decisions that were made. For example, if the meeting agenda is all about the reconfiguration of the business structure, make a note of the changes that were approved or rejected by the committee. This is advantageous especially if your executives would want to review about the said decisions.

5. Format your Meeting Minutes

Of course, these tips would be useless if you would not format your meeting minutes. A tabular format would be suitable for meeting minutes. Use three columns and label them item number, discussion summary, and action owner. It would be easier for your audience to scan through it as it is sorted accordingly.

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