How to Write a Sample Meeting Minutes in Apple Pages

Important appointments, such as meetings, shouldn’t missed taking down the minutes. Susan Heathfield defined meeting minutes and the importance of recording one. Meeting minutes are documentation of the matters discussed in a meeting that inform both the meeting attendees and non-attendees. It keeps a record of the summary and detailed record of the key ideas and discussion points that led to the outcome of the meeting. If you need a guide in making one, below are the steps.

1. Usher the General Facts of the Meeting

Make room for the announced details of the meeting: the meeting agenda, schedule, and venue. These details basically comprise the meeting invitation. Complete the basic information about the meeting with the meeting objectives and the name of the presider of the meeting. These facts serve as the guide of the meeting and as much as possible should be followed. Where the meeting participants should gather, when it should start and end, and what will be tackled in the meeting. Wrapping up a list of these details, especially the agenda and objectives, helps the meeting committee not to miss to discuss anything during the meeting.

2. Attach an Attendance List

This is essential. It should always be the norm of everyone who organizes and joins the meeting to take note of the people that attends it. So prepare an attendance sheet where everyone will be writing their names and signatures to attest that they were present during the meeting. According to your preference, you may also include the time when each arrived at the meeting venue and their respective designations to check if the participants are already complete. If you are planning to place the list on a table, make sure that you will allocate enough space for all the attendees. So make the number of rows and columns according to the expected headcount. Include extra spaces for other unexpected guests.

3. Jot Down Notes about the Meeting

While the presider of the meeting discusses and elaborates on the agenda of the meeting, take down notes of every information that he or she presents and the decisions that have been come up to the subjects that need the suggestions and consultation from the meeting participants. Jot down also if there are issues that were raised during the discussion and the action plans for each. If the meeting ends up to the designation of tasks, make a roster of the assignments, the people tasked to do them, and their deadlines. If more exchange of ideas and other matters will happen during the meeting, detail everything in these minutes.

4. Adjourn the Minutes

Finish this sample meeting minutes document by attaching the details about the agreed schedule of the next meeting. Like the meeting facts collated earlier, include the agenda, schedule, setting, and objectives of the meeting. It is commonly termed as the follow-up meeting wherein everyone will report the progress of their assigned tasks to determine how the organization of an event is going, for example. Identifying the areas that still need to be worked on will enable the head to establish an assistance committee for it as early as the moment it was disclosed by the responsible committee for it so there wouldn’t be problems on the day of the event.

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