How to Write a Sample Meeting Minutes in Adobe PDF

Meetings are a great form of communication held in businesses, schools, and even in nonprofit organizations. It is a formal gathering, so anything that is discussed in a meeting is important. The standard way to keep a record of these important details is through writing the minutes of the meeting. Make it now with the steps below.

1. Prepare an Outline

It is always best to prepare things that you know you need for an upcoming appointment, just like this meeting. The meeting organizer or committee has surely sent a notification about the meeting schedule, venue, and agenda. If you were assigned as the meeting minute taker, coordinate with the meeting presider and prepare the outline of the meeting agenda, so all you have to do during the meeting is to fill it out.

2. Make Room for Additional Notes

A lot of ideas are shared, and as a result, additional discussions are brought up during the meeting. To cater all these in the meeting minutes, include a blank additional notes portion.

3. Ask Questions

Try as much as possible to follow the discussion and jot down the highlight points. Being very detailed in writing the meeting minutes may not be applicable sometimes. In case you cannot catch up with the discussion, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the meeting presider or to the person who shared his or her thoughts, but as much as possible, do not do it all the time.

4. Do Not Procrastinate

When things get disorganized, some people tend to be discouraged and procrastinate. But as the appointed minute taker, listen to the complete details of things and write them down right after you hear them so you won’t forget to make notes about it later.

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