What Is a Sample Voucher?

A sample voucher is a printed piece of paper that is worth a certain monetary value for its holder and can be spent as a payment for a specific product or service.

How to Make a Sample Voucher

Vouchers are necessary to record a proof of transaction in business. This is very helpful once the company begins to audit their accounts. In addition, they serve as a great marketing tool in promoting your company's product and services to the public. Here are a list of steps to help you create an effective creative voucher for your company.

1. Choose Your Voucher

There are different types of a voucher you can use for your business. There are cash payment vouchers, bank payment vouchers, cash receipt vouchers, purchase a voucher, sales vouchers, sales return vouchers, and purchase return vouchers. In addition, there are also vouchers that act as coupons and gift certificates to promote your products to your customers. Choose the one that fits the needs of your business.

2. Understand Your Voucher Processing

Different types of vouchers have their own specific tasks. In tourism, a voucher acts as proof of a customer's right to take a service at a specific time and place. An account voucher, on the other hand, records transactions in account books. While the vouchers that act as coupons provide promos and discounts to customers. Check what type of voucher you are using and understand its processing.

3. Input Necessary Information

Input the necessary information in your voucher. Provide the name of your company, your contact details, as well as your logo in your printable voucher. Include the name of the voucher and the amount of discount or rebate your customer may avail. This can be a fixed amount or a discount percentage you may offer to your customers. Provide a space for the name of your customer together with his or her contact details.

4. Provide Limitations

Provide the date when the voucher is processed, as well as the places where the voucher is valid for processing. Indicate your terms and conditions about the voucher. This may compose on the number of times it can be used, its exclusivity, as well as its expiration date.

5. Organize Your Design

Vouchers usually have a simple design, enough to accommodate the needs of their users. But if you are dealing with vouchers that are used as coupons and gift certificates, it has to be designed in an enticing way to attract customers. Plan out your designs and use colors that complement the theme of your coupon. You may insert images and decorations to accent your voucher. Don't overcrowd the whole thing with designs, just keep it simple but fascinating to look at.

6. Distribute Your Voucher

Commonly, vouchers are provided during a business transaction as evidence to support the transaction. This can be distributed through electronic delivery, free-standing insert, instant redeemable, direct mail, shelf pad, or on pack. The way you distribute your voucher will always depend on your preferences and convenience.

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