You've been in school since you were in kindergarten and even in your high school years. For sure, you can't wait for summer to come and take a good vacation. While waiting, how about you create your personal school calendar to keep track of your future school activities? Who says calendars only keep track of the days, weeks, and months that pass by each year? Personalize your calendar's design and use it as your planner with our beautifully-designed School Calendar templates. Printable in Apple Pages format, our templates are 100% customizable and highly editable for your convenience. Downloadable anytime, anywhere, even within the comfort of your home.

How to Make a School Calendar in Pages

Keeping a school calendar has a lot of advantages. For one, it helps you keep track of your schedules, holidays, and extracurricular activities at school. According to theatlantic, with students spending most of their time at school all year round, it is the responsibility of the schools to keep them safe and well-educated while pursuing their passions in life. If you are interested in making a school calendar for your academic year, feel free to read our tips below.

1. Plan Out the Upcoming Events for Your School Year

Tons of school activities and events happen almost every month. Some of these extracurricular activities include club events, academic contests, inter-school tournaments, cultural exhibitions, and theatrical plays. Collaborate with your faculties and plan out your school calendar.

2. Organize When Each Activity Takes Place During the Year

Your calendar does not only tell dates and months, but it can also serve as your planner. Finalize everything with your teachers, staff, and administration. Then, Organize the flow of your activities and when each of them takes place.

3. Add the Months, Weeks, and Days of Your Calendar

Next, add the months, weeks, days, and the school year of your calendar. Make sure the months are complete and contain the correct number of days. Then, note down your finalized activities in your school calendar.

4. Customize and Design Your School Calendar

Lastly, it's nice to have an organized calendar, but it's better to have it decorated with a professional design to keep you motivated. Once you have, your school calendar is good to go.

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