Extracurricular activities are essential in a student's life. Students participating in after-school activities will meet fresh faces, and their social skills will improve. They can also extend their network which can help them in opening more doors for better career opportunities. Help them to engage more in school activities by planning weekly with the help of a School Desk Calendar. You can enjoy its 100% fully customizable and accessible features that you can download in any available file formats—Microsoft Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), and Google Docs. Create and track your monthly school events by availing a ready-made template right away!

What is a School Desk Calendar?

A school desk calendar is a chart or series of pages that show days, weeks, months, and events in a year.

How to make a School Desk Calendar?

Three types of extracurricular activities held in schools every year—sports, lessons, and clubs. The United States Census Bureau states that among the three extracurricular activities in 2018, 42% of school-aged children were engaged in sports, 30% of them were committed in lessons, and 28% were into clubs. It also states that 9% of children engaged in all three extracurricular activities. As these statistics state that most of the students engaged more in sports. It shows that students who engaged in activities will improve their learning performance and desire to succeed academically.

Like what Morgan Freeman said, "When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I'd discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater." Students will also settle into school if they open themselves into activities that interest them. To show your students the activities next year, you should make a school desk calendar. It is easier for you and them to look at and keep track of the weekly activities and events. You can use our calendar templates for your convenience.

Below are a step-by-step guide and tips to help you make a school desk calendar.

1. List the Activities and Events

Every annual year has events and extra-curriculum activities that can enhance students' skills. List all of them. You can also create more activities that are highly recommended for the students to engage more in schools and set the date to the empty schedule for everyone. Make sure that activities will help them improve their skills and everyone can enjoy it. Create a planner too for your plans for each event.

2. Choose a Calendar Template

Search for an editable calendar template. Starting with a template is better than starting from scratch. It is easier and saves more time. Visiting our site will let you find thousands of ready-made templates that you can have unlimited downloads and which you can also personalize with ease. You can download them in any available file formats of your choice.

3. Cover Up the Dates

Fill the simple calendar with the dates of the activities and events you listed down in the first step. Make sure to write only the key points and not in sentence form to avoid lacking spaces. Leave more spaces on each page so you can write some new updates for the events. Also, don't forget to change the year to the current year in thousands—2019, 2020, or 2021.

4. Consider Formatting

After filling the dates with the events and activities, consider formatting the layout by choosing the appropriate colors, styles, and sizes. You can also insert some designs. But be careful not to overboard it. Just make it simple. Overriding with designs in your desk calendar is unnecessary and will create interference with the texts in the calendar. Having a white background is enough for a desk calendar.

5 Keep Track on Activities and Events

Print the printable calendar and place it to your desk pad so you will able to keep track of your daily activities and events. Make sure to check if there are mistakes made and unfilled pages. If so, edit it. Check your desk calendar every day and flip it every month has passed.

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