School is about to start, and you'll be busy once again with all the classes you need to attend, papers you need to write, tests that you should study for, and extracurricular activities you need to attend. To stay on top of your schedule, you'll need a school desk calendar. Because with a calendar within your eyesight, you'll always be reminded of your events and agendas. Check out our School Desk Planner Templates. They come in pre-formatted layouts and designs, which are editable in Apple Pages and printable in A4 and US Letter sizes. Never miss out on any of your schedules again. Download our template now!

How To Create A School Desk Calendar In Apple Pages

According to an article posted at Colorado State University's website, time management is a universal problem for students. By the time projects and assignments piles up, they find themselves scrambling to finish everything. Do you have the same problem as well? If so, then an academic calendar for your desk could be the answer. See, having a personalized desk calendar in front of your eyes will not only remind you of your tasks and agendas and allow you to manage your time wisely, but it will also help you remember them since you'll be making your schedules with a pen and paper.

Are you using a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or any other Mac devices? Follow our guide below on how you can create a school desk calendar in Pages.

1. Create a Table

Start forming your calendar by adding tables. To add a table in Apple Pages, place the insertion cursor to the location where you would like the table to appear, then left-click on your mouse. After that, go to the Pages toolbar and click the Table button. Now, Pages will automatically create a table with three rows and columns for you. To change that, simply click the Body Rows or Columns box and input a number. (Make sure you provide enough rows and columns for the days of each month of the year.)

2. Supply the Labels

Now that your tables are set, it's time to provide the labels. Input the month on top and the days of the week on the first row of the table. As for the days of the year, put it on the upper left corner of the cell, and use smaller font size, so you have space to write on.

3. Decorate the Calendar

Put designs on your school calendar and fill it with colors, so it looks cute and exciting. Making you want to use the calendar all the time. Also, make the font color for holidays red, so you can easily spot them.

4. Print and Write Down your Schedule

Are you done? Double-check your work to ensure it doesn't have any mistakes and print it afterward. After that, you can go ahead and write down your schedule.

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