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What Is a School Teacher Job Description

A school teacher job description is a document that the recruitment team releases as part of their job hiring process. This contains the detailed duties and responsibilities a teacher has as well as the needed skills and requirements for the job.

How to Write a School Teacher Job Description

The 2015-2016 statistical data of the website Education Week said that there are 132,853 schools in America. These schools include preschool, primary school, and college. If your school lacks classroom teachers or teaching assistants, get the right people by writing a school teacher job description. Read our tips below to get some ideas for writing one.

1. Summarize the Job

Your job description begins with a summary of the job itself. Write one to two sentences that best describes the job. This would give applicants an overview of what they're getting into.

2. Go into Details

Make a list of duties and responsibilities of a teacher in your institution. This can vary depending on the kind of teacher you're looking for such as a science teacher, music teacher, and preschool teacher. Your list of duties and responsibilities become a general one if you're looking for a class teacher.

3. List the Expected Requirements

The next part of this document should list down the skills and qualifications that you're looking for in a teacher. This list also applies to substitute teachers, so make the writing general and straight to the point. You also have to remember that skills and qualifications are different.

4. Prompt an Answer

Write a one-liner that can make applicants send their resumes in the soonest time possible. Leave your contact information for possible inquiries from applicants.

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