Tickets are a handy tool to promote an event. Not only it makes the program runs smoothly, but it is also an excellent strategy to market a particular event. In fact, a Statista survey states that the total revenue for event tickets only amounts to US$22,811m in 2020. If you are planning to host an event at school, we got you covered with our beautifully designed Ready-Made School Ticket Templates. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in any device that has access to any available software anytime, anywhere! What else are you looking for? Get this template today and organize your school events by downloading this template now!

What is a School Ticket?

A school ticket is a voucher that proves that a person is qualified for admission to a particular school event or activity—be it free or priced. Some school events that require tickets are sports, theater, lectures, workshops, and junior/senior events like prom.

How to Create a School Ticket

Schools have a lot of activities and events. And some of these events may require admission tickets to take control of the number of participants and viewers. Thus, you need a ticket to promote and organize a particular school event. In this brief guide, we presented helpful tips to create a winning school ticket.

1. Identify the Need for a School Ticket

Begin with determining the use of your ticket. Is it used as a sports ticket? Are you planning to organize a senior prom night? Or, is your school ticket will be used as an admission for a free workshop? Whatever school activity you want to host, it is important to be specific in knowing the purpose of your ticket. That way, you can come up with a proper ticket content and suitable design theme.

2. Prepare the Necessary Details

Once you already have a clear goal for your school ticket, gather the essential pieces of information that you need to put there. Tickets usually comprise the same details, such as the event name or purpose, event location, exact date and time, a short note, etc. If you are planning to create a school concert ticket, include primary details like the event title, venue, date and time, ticket price or put free, seat number, and contact details.

Just a tip: Make these features easy to follow by providing space or lines to separate other details.

3. Organize and Design Your School Ticket

Whether you are planning to create a school music ticket or a sports ticket, having a well-designed one will help you attract more students to attend the event. How? Choose a suitable ticket layout and size. Opt for a 2.125" x 5.5 standard ticket size as a good start. It's best to have it in a portrait if you only have little information to present and landscape if more details to display. Pick a color scheme that fits your overall theme. You can use shapes and borders to organize your ticket.

Just a tip: Maintain balance and minimalism to achieve a more professional look for your school ticket.

4. Download a Ready-Made School Ticket Template

Crafting your desired school ticket from a blank template can be challenging, especially if you want to have it instantly. One way to help you is to look for ticket design ideas and inspirations online. Well, you don't need to look further. Above this article, we have various collections of sample tickets that you can readily use, Download, open, and personalize it to match your branding needs. Once done, review for glaring errors. And print it using sturdy cardstock. Be ready to distribute it inside your school campus!

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