How to Write a Secretary Job Description in Google Docs

Having a secretary means you will have someone who can assist you with the demanding tasks that come with your job. But you need to make sure you hire the right person, or you are going to find yourself with a liability instead. To avoid this from happening, make sure your job description specifies what to look for in a secretary to draw the right applicants. If you have challenges in getting started, here are some tips to help you out.

1. State the Job Responsibilities

Stating the would-be secretary's duties is the meat of the job description. Write down the day-to-day responsibilities that the secretary has to do every day during working hours. You can present it through a list so that it is easy for your readers to understand them. Remember to be brief yet precise.

2. Add the Requirements

Adding requirements needed in your job descriptions allows you to filter out the qualified applicants from those who are not. Depending on a company, specify the required educational condition an applicant must have to become a secretary. Whether they must have a high school diploma or a college degree is plainly up to the company.

3. Mention the Salary and Benefits

Want to make your readers want to apply for the job? Then list out the details of the salary and the benefits that come with the job. Be specific and clear about these details so that applicants can become excited at the prospect of working for you.

4. Be Specific

To find the right secretary for your office, you need to be specific with what type of candidate you are looking for. Make a checklist of the traits and characteristics you want as a secretary. Write them down in your job descriptions, and can draw candidates who see themselves as qualified for the role.

5. Proofread Before You Post

Before you can post your job description, make time to take note of any typos or mistakes. Nothing turns off a job seeker more than a job post filled with errors.

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